Basic Search Tips


The basic search box is located at the top of each page.  You can search using keywords or a specific phrase.  Capitalization does not matter.  Results are returned and sorted by relevance (the default).  You can re-sort them by title (alphabetical).  You can also filter the results to show just articles or images. To the left of the results list, subject categories are listed with the number of results displayed in parentheses.

Boolean Operators:

Boolean operators - AND, OR, NOT - can be added to search terms to refine results.  If no operated is added, the AND operator is used automatically.


  1. Washington and George
  2. Washington or George
  3. Washington not George

Results Include:

  1. All articles with all of the search terms, Washington as well as George
  2. All articles with either of the search terms, Washington or George or both
  3. Only articles without the excluded search term, articles with Washington that do not include George




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